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Industrial Design
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Due to the rapid change of use and methods of use, and internationalization of markets, the development of increasingly sophisticated products. Globalization opens up new markets in other cultures, with specific ideals and needs. To enforce an economic environment increasingly shorter development times, on the other hand products in terms of technique and formal appearance always interchangeable. When design is seen not only as a means of visually pleasing envelope of technology, but as a strategic tool for the optimization of products and their development and manufacturing processes, then this is a first step in creating sustainable competitive advantages. Since the establishment of Proform Design in 1994, we develop products that bring our customers significant competitive advantages. In addition to the innovative basic ideas and the formal design is to optimize the ergonomics an integral part of our Arbeitsintension. Maybe it's just our expertise in this area, in what may be the long standing and successful relationship with our customers create. Perhaps it is also more the creativity that our customers appreciate us and are already implemented in many patents and copyrights and could have numerous design awards for our customers (Red Dot, IF, etc. brought). Or our holistic goal-oriented thinking, when it comes to innovative ideas, time and cost to bring to the production stage. We think it is all together and a good portion of enthusiasm, which is simply necessary to create from idea to market a successful product.