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About us
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Proform is a design agency for industrial design in the Stuttgart area. We see ourselves as an advanced design agency with a strong specialization in product design in the capital goods sector.

More than 70 clients rely on us for many years as a strong partner in the development, design and implementation of various products. Customers appreciate our work, particularly due to reliable results and sustainable design quality. Our flexibility allows our customers an optimal integration of our design services into their own development structures and manufacturing processes. Willingness and ability to effectively integrate our services to various customers production systems is one of our major properties.

With our top customers we work together extremely close for two decades . This long term collaboration has created synergies that contribute to the fact that our clients save their leading position in the global market and can expand continuously. The high ambitions of our clients motivate us to accomplish excellent design solutions. In this context we see us as a "hidden champion" - a company operating discreetly in the background giving omptimum support to customers product developments and work for the crucial extra value of their products.

We continually invest in advanced technologies to work steadily at a high level. The latest and most powerful development tools are available to our staff.

Due to its favorable geographical position of our location in the catchment area of Stuttgart - which has always been an epicenter of technological innovation, design and culture - we are on the cutting edge. Here our minds remain open and receptive to influences from different areas of cultural life in the technology region of southern Germany.

In the design and technical development of products, we gladly accept any challenge. We keep up with curiosity, enthusiasm and courage always watching out for new horizons.